Ja'lyn Jones

The Fulbright University of Bristol Summer Institute on Arts, Activism, and Social Justice

Ja’lyn Jones was raised in the small town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, and is a rising sophomore at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. He is a Mass Communications major with a concentration in multimedia. Ja’lyn has interests in utilizing media and music as tools for social justice and change. In addition, he is an active advocate for self-improvement, motivation, and positive affirmation.

He currently holds credentials in journalism, podcasting, music production and performance, and filming. He hopes to gain experience and further his aspirations at the University of Bristol.

Ja’lyn is both excited and eager about the journey that awaits him at the Summer Institute. He hopes to connect with a diverse group of individuals who share similar morals, values, and interests. Most importantly, he yearns to familiarize himself with the knowledge, culture, and history of Bristol.