Jake Meadows

University College London Entrepreneurship Postgraduate Award, University College London - Business

Jake graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Bioengineering along with a minor in Chemistry and a certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Product Design. At Pitt, his fascination with entrepreneurship began when his design team invented a product for people with Parkinson's disease and started hearing, “I need this thing you've built – where can I buy it?” By co-founding a health technology start-up, he found meaning in exploring all of the pieces that must fit together to get his projects into the hands of the people for whom he designed them. Later, he started a program called Classroom to Community, which empowers students to transform their academic projects into real-world impact. Jake is pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship at UCL. He plans to use his dissertation to help promote the global shift in health technology from expensive and intimidating to affordable and empowering. In his free time, he enjoys photography and cycling. He looks forward to exploring the culture, architecture, and landscapes of the United Kingdom along bike trails and through the lens of his camera.