Jaemon Crosby

Fulbright/John Wood LAMDA Award in Classical Acting

Jaemon Crosby is a recent graduate from Syracuse University. He graduated with a BFA in acting and a concentration in vocal performance. Jaemon began his acting career in high school where he quickly realized the power, influence, and important of live theatre. 

In his time at SU he had the opportunity to be in many shows and work the professional theatre Syracuse Stage. Through exploration of many plays during college, he developed a passion for language in a play, which drove him to the world of classical theatre, which has historically been written and performed by white men. With this Fulbright, Jaemon will study classical acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, where he hopes to help diversify this world and aid in the movement of bringing these messages to today’s world and exploring the messages through a modern lens. Representation within theatre is very important topic to Jaemon and he wants to help young Black youth see themselves represented on the stage and on the screen. 

While in London, Jaemon also hopes to volunteer at Shakespeare’s Globe and to learn about Black culture in the UK by exploring spaces such as the Black cultural archives.