Jackie Wan

All Disciplines Award, University of Rochester - Psychiatric Nursing

Jackie has been a mental health nurse for 14 years, specialising in mental health and deafness. After completing a BSc (hons) in Healthcare Practice at the University of London, St. George’s, she was inspired to undertake further education with the aim of achieving a longer-term improvement of services for deaf people. Alongside her clinical work she has had the ground-breaking honour of enabling deaf service users to be “at the table”, working together on innovative projects. Jackie is unspeakably delighted to receive a Fulbright grant as it will be a boost to her greatest passion, which is advocating for deaf mental health service users, particularly as she observes first-hand how many barriers there are for deaf people to access good mental health care. She will undertake a Master’s degree in Clinical Investigation at the University of Rochester, which will be instrumental towards her goal of contributing to evidence-based practice in her field. Chief among her many aspirations is for deaf service users to be centrally involved with the research and development of their mental health services. In her spare time Jackie looks forward to honing her skills at curling, trying out American sports and exploring the surrounding nature with her partner and one-year old child.