Iran Hernandez Imbert

Aston Martin Coventry University Automotive Postgraduate Award - Engineering

The automotive sector is one of the largest contributing factors to global warming. Therefore, Iran is dedicated to working on realistic solutions to target and mitigate this global issue. She graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Economics. At Coventry University, she will complete a Master’s in Automotive Engineering. In high school, she interned at the Georgia Institute of Technology and learned how to drive a manual transmission. These two experiences inspired her to pursue a career based on decarbonizing the automotive sector to lean towards clean and sustainable forms of technology. Iran studied abroad in the UK and conducted research at the National Science Foundation at Indiana University. These experiences inspired her to continue her education and research in the UK to be a part of the global commitment for more sustainable forms of energy. Iran is also an avid reader, and enjoys playing soccer, running, and watching movies. She is looking forward to joining the athletics clubs at Coventry and joining other cultural societies. She also hopes to run her first half marathon in the UK.