Henry Birt

Lloyd’s Scholar Award, Pennsylvania State University - Agriculture

Just as humans make associations with ‘good bacteria’ in their gut, plants too form important connections with microbes that influence their health. Henry investigates these relationships within agricultural systems to find new ways we can produce food sustainably. As a Fulbright Scholar at The Microbiome Center at The Pennsylvania State University, Henry will investigate how microbes interact with plants at the end of a drought period and how this could influence climate change in the future. At Penn State, Henry will have access to long term experimental sites, world-class analytical equipment, and some of the best research minds in the field. Henry’s research career has had international collaboration at its core. From the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil to banana production on the doorstep of The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, exchanging ideas internationally has been the lifeblood of much of Henry’s work. In Pennsylvania Henry is keen to experience the rich culture: from the college football atmosphere at Penn State, to Amish farming techniques.