Hayden Godfrey

All Disciplines Visiting Student Researcher at Harvard University

Hayden is an Oxford University Postgraduate researcher with the highest honours in an MSc Research Design and Methodology (Education) publishing in areas such as Intellectual Humility and Argumentation in Higher Education/Science Education, the impact of Covid-19 on Law Undergraduate Provision at Oxford University, and novel mixed-methods approaches in educational research. Hayden has also chaired and moderated conferences on the epistemic practices and beliefs of students.

As a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard School of Education, Hayden will explore how Science and Higher Education can respond to the vast misinformation in society (for example, concerning vaccines and pandemics). Hayden will also explore how education can be reformed for fulfilment and contentment with societies ever increasing lifespans, and how members of society can find meaning and purpose outside of identifying solely with their careers or achievements.