Hailey Kremenek

Fulbright/University of Glasgow Award

Hailey Kremenek graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in art conservation and art history. Over her undergraduate career she treated objects ranging from a grass basket from western Alaska to a shattered porcelain plate, but the preservation and history of textile objects ultimately became her focus. Outside of the classroom, she worked within the textile conservation laboratory at Winterthur Museum as a technician for one and a half years to prepare twentieth century evening gowns for exhibition. 
In early 2023, Hailey was awarded funding for travel through Ireland, Belgium and France as part of an independent study on the history of textile art and women’s work that she felt was absent from her formal art history education. Over four weeks, she attended workshops taught by female textile artists and immersed herself in locations of textile production from the Renaissance to the Industrial period.

This Fulbright will support Hailey’s education at the University of Glasgow where she will earn a Masters of Philosophy in Textile Conservation. Along with exploring the chemical principles of fiber degradation and the ideal climate for collections storage, she also looks forward to engaging with Scotland’s traditional craft history and contemporary art culture.