Hailee Scarafile

MedSci in Speech and Language Therapy from University of Sheffield - Fulbright-University of Sheffield Postgraduate Award

Hailee graduated from Temple University with a BA in speech, language, and hearing science. During her time at Temple, she studied audiology, communication disorders, linguistics and more but it was her research at the Temple University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic that led her to her Fulbright journey.

Hailee’s time in the clinic analyzing the applications of speech therapy on clients with a range of abilities sparked her desire to provide individualized care for clients in need. At the University of Sheffield, Hailee will be pursuing a MMedSci in speech and language therapy in which she will learn effective speech therapy treatment styles unique to the UK and combine them to those of the US in order to deliver the most dynamic and versatile care to the clients she hopes to work with in the future. Hailee is very excited to try all the wonderful food Sheffield has to offer, she hopes to find Cuban food as good as her mother’s. Hailee is also ready to start training for the Sheffield Half Marathon in March 2023.