Gökhan Ersan

Fulbright-University of Birmingham Scholar Award (All Disciplines)

Gökhan Ersan moved from math into art and design early in his career. Years later, research posters showcased at a university cafeteria drew Ersan back into STEM. The posters were visually intriguing yet impenetrable to him. What if graphic design enabled outsiders like him to understand what was discussed in them? Since then, Ersan has been engaged in STEM communication, working with colleagues across disciplines to reimagine science and technology through the lens of graphic design. He is looking forward to bringing his infographics toolkit to the UK. Ersan will be embedded in the School of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham. He will teach course modules and hold workshops on employing graphics in science communication to inform the design of table of contents graphics, posters, and multimedia presentations. In the process, he hopes to produce graphic design that one could also one could also view as cognitive art—art that serves to draw audiences into knowledge.