Glyn Robbins

All Disciplines Scholar Award, The City University of New York (CUNY) - Urban Studies

Glyn has worked in and written about housing for almost 30 years. He has been fascinated by the USA for even longer! Bringing these two things together, he wrote a book in 2017 called “There’s No Place: The American housing crisis and what it means for the UK”. This partly led to him becoming an LSE Visiting Fellow in 2019, the place where he was also a student in the early 1990s and more recently, had been teaching on the Cities Programme. But his “day job” is managing a council estate in north London.

Glyn’s Fulbright research will focus on the impact of housing/urban policy in New York City and how it compares with his home city of London. He is really looking forward to being attached to the CUNY graduate school and getting to know the city and its people better. He hopes his work can strengthen mutual understanding of what is a critical issue for both places – and most importantly, help bring some change.