Glyn Robbins

Fulbright-Rutgers Newark Scholar Award - Rutgers University

Glyn Robbins has worked in, written about and campaigned on housing for over 30 years. From 2011 to 2021, he managed a council estate in Islington, before embarking on a Fulbright Scholarship, when he was attached to the CUNY Graduate Centre, lived in the Bronx and got involved in local housing activism. Since returning, Glyn has worked in academia, first at the University of Sheffield, where he carried out research into the links between UK housing policy and racism and the history of community-led planning. Since January 2024, he has been a senior lecturer at London Metroplitan University, where he completed his PhD in planning and urban policy a decade earlier. His writing has been published in numerous places, including The Guardian and Jacobin. In 2017, he published a book, "There's No Place", comparing US and UK housing policy. He is currently researching a biography of Abraham Kazan, the founding father of co-op housing for working class people in New York City. Glyn is an active anti-racist campaigner and trade unionist. He is currently the Secretary of Tower Hamlets Trades Council.