Gidon Gautel

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering - Boston University

Gidon Gautel is a passionate member of the global space community. He holds a BSc in Government and Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management from Imperial College Business School.

Gidon began his career at LSE IDEAS, LSE’s foreign policy think tank. Since 2019, he has worked at BryceTech, conducting industry analysis and project management across a range of space projects. He has also trained as a reservist for Air and Space Operations with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force since 2021.

Gidon is particularly interested in commercial human spaceflight and lunar development. He previously co-chaired the Moon Village Association’s Lunar Commerce Working Group and, in 2023, commanded Meili-1, an analogue astronaut mission in Scotland. In 2024, he will join the crew of the CHILL-ICE III mission in an Icelandic lunar lava tube analogue.

With the support of Fulbright, Gidon will pursue an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University. Using his multidisciplinary skillset, he aims to lead future UK space missions and support US-UK space collaboration. Gidon is excited to engage with the US space community and apply his new technical skills at BU and in industry.