Georgeann McLemore

Fulbright/Ulster University Award

Georgeann McLemore, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is a recent graduate with a BS in Information Systems and a minor in Fine Arts. She recently served as a design intern at the White House. Art has been one of her lifelong passion, fueling her desire to build a career in this field. Her academic journey was enriched by her study abroad experiences in South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Amsterdam, broadening her cultural perspectives. 
For her senior seminar project, she developed an app designed to alleviate the stress faced by immigrant parents in the United States as they navigate the English language barrier. This project exemplifies her commitment to creating solutions that positively impact underserved communities. Driven by a deep-rooted motivation to utilize her skills in design and technology to address societal challenges, Georgeann views the Fulbright Program as an invaluable opportunity to further her knowledge and collaborate with like-minded individuals globally. Through this program, she aspires to develop an app that caters to the specific needs of a niche demographic, providing them with innovative tools to overcome their unique obstacles. 
Ultimately, her goal is to create inclusive and accessible solutions that empower marginalized communities, fostering a more equitable society. She is confident that the Fulbright Program will equip her with the necessary resources and guidance to turn her vision into a tangible reality. One thing she looks forward to is making new friends and meeting new people within her program and perfecting her Irish accent during her time abroad.