Gabriel Lipkowitz

Imperial College London Postgraduate Award, Imperial College London - Biology

I was born in Syracuse, New York, grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, and for college attended Princeton University, in New Jersey. At Princeton, I studied molecular biology, whose potential to address major societal challenges in human disease, food, and energy I found inspiring. Like many sciences today, molecular biology has become truly a global enterprise, with international collaborations between scientists increasingly frequent and important. While all my research experience to date has been in America, I became interested in pursuing my field in the United Kingdom, which invests heavily in the biological sciences, after working with an English exchange student in the lab during college. At Imperial College London during my Fulbright scholarship, I will be approaching my field from an interdisciplinary approach: namely, using powerful computational approaches from the School of Engineering to address questions in genomics. Even more important than the science itself, during my Fulbright year I am very excited to meet and befriend British scientists, as well as those researching at Imperial who come from other countries. Outside of academics, I love bicycling, swimming, playing tennis, refereeing soccer (I mean, football!), reading, exploring cities, and spending time with friends and family.