Freya George

Lloyd’s Scholar Award, Johns Hopkins University - Geochemistry and Petrology

I am a recent PhD graduate of Carleton University, Canada. As a geologist with a passion for the outdoors, I interrogate the metamorphic rock record both in the field and in the laboratory to try to elucidate processes that occur deep within the Earth. During my Fulbright, I will be applying spatially-resolved microanalysis to rocks from the Dominican Republic to investigate the mechanism by which fluids are transferred from the surface of our planet into its interior. Results of my research aim to provide insight into the vital influence of plate tectonics on the volatile cycle, and has implications both for the development and evolution of Earth’s atmosphere and habitability, and our understanding of subduction zone earthquakes along regions such as the western seaboard of the Americas. My Fulbright will serve as an unparalleled opportunity for me to progress my academic and professional development with collaborators both at Johns Hopkins and Pennsylvania State University and I hope to use it as a means of positively promoting the role of women in STEM research. I am also looking forward to exploring the eastern USA, sampling the crab-centric Maryland cuisine, and to playing in the Baltimore city soccer leagues.