Frankie Shelton

Fulbright/University College London Entrepreneurship Award

Frankie Shelton completed her masters degree in Healthcare Administration in 2024 from the University of Washington, where she focused on gender equity and research for the advancement of women's health. A clinical nutritionist by training and owner of a women's digital health clinic, she is passionate about creating sex specific healthcare options that address the significance of women's hormonal timeline. During her time at the University of Washington, she cofounded HerHeartCo, a healthcare technology to 
reduce women’s risk of cardiovascular disease through perimenopausal intervention. 
Since her own health crisis in 2012, she has devoted her career to advancing the role of integrative health and close monitoring to develop better ways to care for women's health throughout their lifetime. Her pursuit of the University College London Entrepreneurship Award is to further develop HerHeartCo, with the primary objective of bringing to life a new approach for delivering diet and lifestyle recommendations in women's healthcare. The platform aims to improve women's quality of life by responding to their biometrics in real time with easy to follow advice on their mobile device and access to a team of women’s health specialists. This Fulbright will give Frankie the opportunity to learn from and engage in healthcare solutions on a global scale that not only improve women's quality of life but simultaneously contribute to the gap in data around women's physiology.  
Outside of her innovation leadership in women's health, Frankie is an avid traveler, exploring culture through food systems and locality.