Faris Qayyum

Fulbright Postgraduate Award at Indiana University - Master of Laws (LLM) - Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Faris graduated with a degree in Jurisprudence (Law) from the University of Oxford in 2018, before working in commercial law and qualifying as a solicitor in London. After deciding to return to the academic sphere, he spent time studying Islamic Studies as well as European Law.

Conscious of the growing tides of tribalism and democratic backsliding, Faris sees Law as offering the means to counteract these trends. He is interested in exploring the role that institutions can play in providing checks and balances against these phenomena, as well as considering the design of laws which are culturally sensitive in diverse societies, particularly where religious norms conflict with national legal norms. During his time in the United States, Faris hopes to focus his studies on comparative law, taking advantage of Maurer’s expertise in constitutional design in order to broaden his perspectives. Beyond the classroom, he is looking forward to long trail hikes outside of Bloomington and diving into all the food that the Midwest has to offer!