Emily Lehman

University of St. Andrews Postgraduate Award, University of St. Andrews - Interdisciplinary Studies

Emily has spent her life between the worlds of theology and English, majoring in English literature at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan and then pursuing an M.A. in theology at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. Now her two loves are coming together at the Institute for Theology, the Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Scotland. Thanks to her Fulbright grant, Emily will be pursuing a PhD in Theology, the Imagination, and the Arts over the next three years, writing on existentialist narrative and Catholic moral theology. Particularly thrilling is the chance to learn about others’ narratives of their lives – especially in the context of a multicultural experience – while studying narrative from a research perspective and helping expand the burgeoning field of interdisciplinary theological studies. Upon her return to the US, Emily looks forward to sharing her UK experience and her studies of narrative through teaching, writing, and building community.