Emily Ip

University of Sheffield Postgraduate Award - Computer Science

Growing up surrounded by classical music and languages, Emily has always drawn inspiration from the things that bring people together. Majoring in Linguistics and Spanish at Montclair State University as a Chinese-American allowed her to explore her passion for languages and fostered cultural understanding through research and study abroad. A research project she carried out during her semester abroad in Spain nurtured her love of research as a tool for storytelling and engaging with the local community. Upon her return to the United States the following semester, Emily lived with British roommates within Montclair's Global Living Community and developed an ardent admiration of British culture. Through Fulbright, Emily plans to hone her academic and research skills at the intersection of several branches of linguistics at the University of Sheffield, where she will be pursuing an MSc in Computer Science with Speech and Language Processing. She plans on investigating cognitive computational models for the detection of clinical conditions based on language clues with Sheffield's renowned Natural Language Processing Research Group. Beyond the classroom and lab, Emily looks forward to reconnecting with her former British roommates and creating new connections in Sheffield.