Elizabeth Michalenko

University of Nottingham Postgraduate Award - Engineering

Born in Pennsylvania coal country, Elizabeth developed an affinity for exploring and explaining energy. She pursued her interests at the University of Dayton, earning a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and English in 2019. As a writer and an engineer, Elizabeth is interested in developing unique energy solutions and communicating the science to non-scientific audiences. To this end, she earned an MA in Science Writing from Johns Hopkins University in 2021. With internships at home and abroad in the fields of electric power and renewable energy finance, Elizabeth has learned the cross-cultural value of global energy solutions. Post-graduation, she worked in electrical substation design and experienced firsthand how power is traditionally transmitted to consumers. To contribute to solving the growing need for sustainable energy alternatives, Elizabeth will study Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy at the University of Nottingham. She is eager to learn about innovative energy technologies at one of the top universities for electrical engineering in a country at the forefront of renewable energy proliferation. As a former NCAA athlete, Elizabeth is excited to volunteer with the university’s sports outreach program and join the university’s athletics club.