Eleanor Clark

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, MA in Humanities - University of Chicago

Eleanor Clark is in her final year studying English at Merton College, Oxford. After three years reading and performing literary analysis on everything from Old English poetry to twenty-first century advertising campaigns, she is excited to study for a Master's degree in the US, specialising particularly in modern women's writing and rural modernity studies. Her research considers how conflicts of gender and nation interact with investments in land and place, and how these conflicts operate differently between modern Britain and North America. As an undergraduate, Eleanor met (online) some wonderful American scholars in this field through the International Virginia Woolf Society, for whom she wrote a prizewinning essay, and the Stanford-Berkeley Graduate Conference, where she presented on hallucinations as visions of authorship in mid-20th century British women's novels. She looks forward to continuing conversations like these in person.

As a writer of fiction and literary journalism, and outgoing Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Review of Books, Eleanor hopes to get involved with the US's great tradition of student writing. Having grown up in rural South West England, where she enjoys hiking and outdoor swimming, she is also keen to continue these activities in the dramatically different scale and variety of the US landscape.