Elana “E.M.” Eisen-Markowitz

School of Education, University of Strathclyde- Social Studies and Restorative Justice Education

Elana “E.M.” Eisen-Markowitz has been working in the New York City public schools since 2006 — as a social studies teacher, a union chapter delegate, a Gender & Sexuality Alliance facilitator, and as a Restorative Justice Coordinator at a secondary school serving students ages 16-22.

From Jan-March of 2020, E.M. was in Glasgow, Scotland working on a DA inquiry project about the possibilities and limitations of LGBTQI+ inclusive school policy. When the COVID-19 pandemic pushed Fulbrighters back to the U.S., E.M. taught virtually at her school in NYC part time, and also began working with Eskolta School Research & Design to facilitate school teams in Boston around equity-focused continuous improvement projects. E.M. grew up in Washington, D.C. and Takoma Park, Maryland and maintains a collaborative art presence on social media called @Vent_Diagrams (www.ventdiagrams.com). E.M. is excited to return to the U.K. with a similar project, and to continue working with queer teachers & students.