Dr. Carla-Ann Brown

Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, University College London

Dr. Carla-Ann Brown is a University School Assistant Professor at P.K Yonge DRS at the University of Florida and the 2022 P.K. Yonge District Teacher of the Year. Her primary research focuses on personalized and Universally Designed student experiences through standards-based and Culturally Sustaining (CS) teaching/learning and the dismantling of inequitable educational practices with over twenty-five professional presentations (international, national, and state) and several publications in peer-reviewed journals.  

Her research seeks to examine the experiences of Black/Brown educators in their K-12 settings as they navigate teaching in current times and provide insight into the mindsets of Black/Brown educators. As a practitioner-researcher, this research will contribute to the field of CS education because it will include the voices and challenges Black/Brown educators face while working to create equitable learning environments for students.