Deepika Reddy

Royal College of Surgeons Research Award - Johns Hopkins

Deepika Reddy is a full time Urology Surgical Trainee in London with an interest in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Dr Reddy has completed a PhD in this area investigating the use of focal therapy treatment for localised prostate cancer. The result of this work has culminated with the completion of a pilot trial assessing the feasibility of recruiting to a randomised control trial comparing focal therapy to traditional whole gland treatment. Focal therapy is a treatment modality aimed at treating specific areas of disease in the prostate with a surrounding margin in order to minimise the side-effects of urinary and sexual function often seen following surgical removal or radiation to the whole prostate, but is not yet widely available in the NHS. 

With the support of the Fulbright- RCS England Scholar award she will spend 6 months in the USA, based out of the world famous Johns Hopkins, Baltimore to further establish outcomes following radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the whole prostate) and focal therapy under the supervision of Dr Arvin George. The work will include multi-institution collaboration aimed to collect data across centres that provide both forms of treatment and promote collaboration between these centres and those in the UK.  

Dr Reddy is passionate about pelvic cancer treatment, directing better understanding of the treatment benefits and risks to optimise patient-centred decision making. She is also motivated in promoting diversity with the medical and surgical field, becoming a Fulbright Scholar and representing both the USA and UK in such a field is an invaluable experience.