David Lloyd

Cardiff University Scholar Award, Cardiff University - Literature

David is a poet, fiction writer, and critic, and directs the Creative Writing Program at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. He is also the son of immigrants from Wales who settled in the Welsh-American community in Utica, New York. He grew up hearing Welsh spoken at home, at community events and in the church where his father served as minister. He completed a study abroad year in Wales at Aberystwyth University, and after receiving a B.A. from St. Lawrence University, spent a year in Wales on a Watson Fellowship, researching modern Anglophone Welsh poetry, and writing poetry, which he first published in The Anglo-Welsh Review. Since then David has published ten books – including three poetry collections and three books of fiction. Much of his scholarship, poetry, and fiction addresses Welsh culture – in particular his most recent story collection, The Moving of the Water, set in the Welsh-American community where he grew up. His Fulbright Award at Cardiff University is the culmination of decades of personal, scholarly, and creative engagement with Wales. His research proposal centres on a book project that re-interprets and re-evaluates twentieth-century Welsh and American writers in light of their transatlantic dialogues. He is also looking forward to engaging in the vibrant creative writing and arts scene in Cardiff, and more generally in Wales.