David Corina

Fulbright Global Scholar Award, University College London - Linguistics and Psychology

I am a professor with appointments in the departments of Linguistics and Psychology at the University of California, Davis. Davis CA is a small northern California city located between Sacramento and San Francisco. I am director of the Cognitive Neurolinguistics Laboratory at the U.C. Davis Center for Mind and Brain. My research explores issues of language and cognitive processing in adults and children with congenital deafness. Increasingly, I am interested in the implementation of language policies in the face of technological interventions for deaf children (e.g. cochlear implants) and how cultural constructs of disability influence delivery services. As a Fulbright Global Scholar, I will investigate these issues in London, Qatar and Hong Kong. While in the U.K., I will work with faculty at University College London’s Deafness Cognition and Language Centre to gain an appreciation of experiences and expectations of parents with children who have received a cochlear implant(s). As a large metropolitan multicultural city, London faces unique challenges for language intervention services. As an avid musician, in my free time I look forward to exploring traditional folk and indie music venues and sessions.