Daniel Oerther

King’s College London Research Scholar Award, King's College London - Environmental Sciences

Daniel is a professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, and is undertaking his third Fulbright award. In 2005, he visited India and taught environmental engineers how to clean up water; in 2012, he studied sustainable agriculture as the Fulbright-ALCOA Distinguished Chair to Brazil. In 2021, Daniel is researching how to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance at the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King’s. A future in which antibiotics fail undermines modern healthcare because infections after surgical procedures will become life threatening and more young people may die from common childhood infections. We must explore upstream policies at the nexus of human health, veterinary medicine, and environmental stewardship – an approach known as One Health. To support his Fulbright, Daniel is building a network in the UK as a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist, and is a Fellow of the Society for Environmental Engineers, the Royal Society for Public Health and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Stopping the spread of antibiotic resistance requires professional and international collaboration, and Kings is an ideal partner, being the largest centre for medical teaching and biomedical research in Europe and home to the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery.