Claire Ellis

Fulbright/London School of Economics and Political Science Award

Claire graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in History in 2024. In her junior year, she studied history at Pembroke College, the University of Oxford, as a visiting student. For her senior thesis, she wrote about the impact of Afro-Caribbean British protest in London onto changes to British public policy in the late twentieth century. As a member of the Tufts community, she coordinated and participated in a community service program facilitating volunteer opportunities in the Greater Boston Area for fellow students. 

At LSE, Claire will pursue a MSc in Empires, Colonialism, and Globalisation within the Department of International History. She will continue her research on the second generation of Windrush migrants and, in addition to social and political history, is interested in learning more about forms of economic resistance under empire.  

In her free time, Claire is interested in working as a volunteer student consultant at LSE to promote inclusion and access. She is excited to immerse herself in London’s multicultural cuisine and to explore the UK via train. Claire hopes to apply her study of social and political history to public policy work and post-graduate studies.