Ciara Brown

All Disciplines Award, University of Southern California - Astrophysics

Ciara grew up with a passion for space and has witnessed exceptional UK and international astronauts push the boundaries of what is considered possible. Completing a University of Hertfordshire degree in Astrophysics galvanized her into using STEM in a hands-on manner. The University of Southern California is one of a handful of universities in the world that offers a masters in Astronautical Engineering, and Southern California is in the heart of the US aerospace industry. Her specific research is focused on space exploration and advanced spacecraft propulsion systems. This intriguing field is in its infancy, which gives students like her the ability to create new technologies to benefit space systems research and test innovative theories that have applications extending far beyond use in engineering. Upon her return to the UK, Ciara plans to help drive innovation in British Space Systems, promote STEM education at grassroots levels to support Generation Alpha and beyond, as well as achieving her PhD. She is extremely grateful to the Fulbright Programme as it has given her the opportunity to live the belief that science is without borders and become part of the next generation of UK space pioneers.