Cian Wade

All Disciplines Award, Harvard University - Health Policy and Management

Cian has always been drawn to projects with ambitious aims of improving the quality of patient care and population health. Whilst at school, he founded a charity which raised significant funds for a children’s heart unit. An eclectic range of sporting, academic and even theatrical experiences whilst at medical school further honed his skills in drawing together and leading groups of talented individuals towards achieving complex goals. He led an international research group which designed and implemented Kenya’s first neonatal analgesic guidelines, exemplifying the collaborative approach required to ensure that medical evidence and guidelines actually translate into improved patient care. Working on the clinical frontline and in national healthcare organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cian has a clear appreciation for how good leadership and strategy can impact upon the nation’s health. Whilst at Harvard, Cian hopes to progress his work into understanding why some patients are at higher risk of harm from healthcare than others, and how we can act to reduce these inequalities. Having previously led the University of Oxford football team on a tour of Ivy League schools, he is also looking forward to playing some more “Soccer” whilst at Harvard.