Christopher Carter

Postgraduate Student Award at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs - Environmental Policy

The scientific consensus is overwhelming: climate change is real and it is an urgent threat. Having spent four years studying Geophysics at Imperial College London, Chris is acutely aware of the scientific basis for anthropogenic climate change and is frustrated with what he perceives as a lack of political courage among governments and other bodies reluctant to enact necessary and achievable changes to safeguard our planet’s future. Chris is approaching the Fulbright programme and his Master’s degree in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy with that mindset; he hopes to translate his scientific background to real, workable policy solutions that can be implemented on local and global scales to protect our planet and limit the impacts of our past inaction. Chris’ undergraduate career was a time of great personal and professional development; moving to London gave him, for the first time, the opportunity to grow beyond the expectations of others and to define himself on his own terms. He worked throughout his university career to ensure that every student had that same opportunity as part of a strong, inclusive student community and he can’t wait to put those values into action as a Fulbrighter.