Christina Seely

Fulbright-University of Dundee Scholar Award (Art and Design)

Christina Seely’s practice maps our increasingly tenuous relationship to the non-human living world. Born out of almost two decades of in-field experience as an artist and scholar working alongside climate scientists at the far reaches of the planet her work encourage new ways of sensing the self inside the realities of climate collapse. 

Seely’s Fulbright project will use the conceptual container of a studio/lab as a research site to deconstruct and suggest a re-wiring of the rhetoric of contemporary Western scientific ecological communication. This work will aim to (re)build a bridge between the language and context of science and the missing emotional and soul-stirring material the public needs to become more fully engaged in what is unfolding. Workshops will engage the University of Dundee's community with creative research that will culminate in an archive of experimental artworks and texts for exhibition and publication. (