Christina Last

All Disciplines Award - Master’s in Urban Studies and Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Christina Last is a Data Scientist using advanced analytics to understand our built environment. Having grown up with a passion for understanding urban inequality, she's helped build software, and plan cities in Harvard, London, and NYC. Christina attended the University of Bristol, graduating with a First Class in Geography with Quantitative Methods. 

Christina has collaborated with a number of city governments and international organizations as a Research Data Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, (the UK's National Institute for AI and Data Science), where she built machine learning techniques examining the human impact of the industrial revolution. She has led various international research projects using cutting-edge machine learning to solve humanitarian challenges, most recently as a Senior Data Scientist collaborating with UNICEF to model air quality during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Christina's ambition is to be a world leader in artificial intelligence, informing the actions of governments and developers as they transform built environments. During a master's in Urban Science at MIT, Christina aims to develop software and hardware solutions to lay the groundwork for permanent and long-term improvements to walking conditions on the city’s streets.