Chloe Shevlin

University of Leicester Postgraduate Award, University of Leicester - Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Healthcare is my passion. My dream is to optimize care pathways in hospitals in the United States by working to improve healthcare accessibility as an industrial engineer. In 2018, I graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Health Systems Engineering. I want to spend my life creating a more equitable and effective healthcare system that better serves our families, communities and country. Currently, I support the Duke Cancer Institute as a Health Systems Engineer, working to answer questions related to patterns in disease group volume, patient geographic origin trends and primary payor mix breakdown. Under the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, healthcare is truly seen as a right rather than a privilege. I envision incorporating some of the principles of the NHS to increase accessibility of care. In my program at Leicester, my ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between health professionals and academic researchers by inspiring dedication to the science of improvement. While at Leicester, I plan to be involved in the group fitness programme as I am an avid cycling and strength training instructor. I am also looking forward to exploring some of the best hikes in the United Kingdom!