Chloe Connor

Fulbright-University of Southampton Postgraduate Award - MSc in Public Health

Chloe is a 2022 graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Psychology, honors in Biobehavioral Health, and minors in Biology, Global Health, and Bioethics and Medical Humanities.

At the University of Southampton, Chloe will be pursuing a Master of Science in Public Health. Following the completion of her master’s program, Chloe will attend Harvard Law School where she plans to focus on public health law. Chloe’s interest in public health was confirmed during a summer study abroad in Tanzania and Kenya where her group focused on reproductive health. Chloe’s interest was further solidified when she worked as a contact tracer during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. This past summer, Chloe studied abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico where she shadowed healthcare providers and studied the social determinants of health. Chloe is thrilled to be moving to the vibrant city of Southampton and hopes to join University of Southampton’s Athletics and Cross-Country Club, as she ran on Penn State’s Club Cross Country Team for four years. Chloe believes her time in Southampton will be instrumental in expanding her perspective and understanding of public health. Chloe grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania and has a twin brother as well as two younger brothers who are also twins.