Changqing Wu

Fulbright-University of Birmingham Distinguished Scholar Award (All Disciplines)

Dr. Changqing Wu is a Professor of Food Toxicology at University of Delaware. Her research is on toxicities and bioactivities of natural and synthetic phenolics, with a focus on developing new methods to understand toxicity of emerging food contaminants such as nanoplastics. With unique physiochemical properties, nanoplastics have big toxic risks to life on Earth. Food intake is a key route of human exposure to nanoplastics. Huge knowledge gaps exist on the health impacts of nanoplastics-containing foods. During the visit at the University of Birmingham, she will leverage facilities and resources to study the health impacts of nanoplastics within foods. The research will identify the fates of nanoplastics in common food preparation steps and evaluate the dynamics of nanoplastics during digestion to understand its role on human health. She is excited to know more of UK and enhance institutional collaboration on fundamental and applied research regarding the nanoplastics within foods.