Chang Ho Yoon

All Disciplines Award, Harvard University - Bioinformatics

I am a doctor, researcher, budding programmer and bioinformatician with roots in Scotland, New Zealand and South Korea. Since graduating from Cambridge, my career has taken me from London to Auckland, interweaving internal medicine training with translational research projects. More recently, I spearheaded the creation of a smartphone app that had a significant impact on the prescription of antibiotics at a tertiary teaching hospital.

At Harvard, I will pursue my interest in using "big data" and AI algorithms to decipher and resolve focused healthcare problems. The master’s program slices through the hype of these drivers of a burgeoning medical revolution. I am thrilled by the prospect of joining a research group that perceives diversity of academic interests as a prerequisite for effective collaboration, and hope to use the knowledge and skills I will develop as a springboard for a PhD. The Fulbright program will provide an opportunity to establish lifelong friendships through research, social empowerment programs, jazz and classical music, triathlons, and learning new languages in Boston, a city that is bristling with momentum, magnanimity and enterprise.