Caroline Stanton

Fulbright University of St Andrews Summer Institute on Scotland's History: Kingdom, Nation, People

Caroline Paige Stanton has lived throughout the United States, but most frequently in deserts. They are currently a first year student at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota and are a prospective philosophy major. Additionally they are heavily involved in the theatre and classics departments. She also spends her time engaging with campus through her on-campus videography and video editing job, helping nearly every department and student organization on campus. Caroline has always been taken with history, particularly as it relates to her philosophical endeavors.

The present is greatly benefited by a strong understanding of the past, and it is for this reason among many others they are looking forward to learning about Scottish history at St. Andrews University. When Caroline is not studying or at work, they can be found reading plays, directing plays, watching films, directing films, spending time with friends, or performing comedy on Carleton’s campus. They are very excited to study abroad in Scotland and finally garner an understanding of what the color green can be.