Carol Elkovich

Fulbright-Scotland Distinguished Scholar at the Glasgow School of Art

Carol Elkovich is an installation artist. In Scotland, Ms. Elkovich will undertake the Motherland Project, exploring textiles traditions and landscapes to produce paintings and textiles. Her research ruminates on the Scottish diaspora and the loss of textile traditions stemming from Scotland. As an Associate Professor of Art at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California, Ms. Elkovich is active in developing innovative arts pedagogy. Her research invents equitable critique techniques and explores the impact of gamification on the creative process. She has presented her research at art education conferences and is a contributing author in Let’s Talk About Critique; Reimagining Art and Design Education, University of Chicago Press, 2023. Working with students and faculty at Glasgow School of Art, she will engage in conversations and games on topics of Reading the Landscape and Instilling Creative Confidence in Art Students.