Caraline Gammons

Royal Veterinary College Postgraduate Award, Royal Veterinary College - Veterinary Medicine

Caraline completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Geography at Villanova University. A Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellowship recipient, Caraline was an active member of the Curry Lab, and completed an undergraduate thesis on achromatic plumage brightness in Black-capped, Carolina, and Hybrid Chickadees. She also enjoys working as a veterinary assistant, helping treat small animals as well as exotics. Throughout her undergraduate career Caraline developed an interest in geography, research and veterinary medicine, and how the three can be used to study the relationship between human, animal, and environment health. Caraline is thrilled to spend her Fulbright year completing a master’s degree in One Health at the Royal Veterinary College in London, followed by a four-month research project abroad. Upon completion of her Fulbright year, Caraline intends to attend veterinary school in pursuit of a career in veterinary research.