Britney Mayorga

Fulbright/University of Reading Award in Food Security

Born and raised near Atlanta, Georgia, Britney received the full-ride QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship and Gates Scholarship to graduate from Emory University with a BS in Biology and Human Health. 
Britney’s interest in nutrition began as an NIH/ NIDDK STEP-UP intern when she worked with Dr. Jessica Alvarez to compare data from various clinical populations to assess differences among machines used to obtain anthropometric measurements. Her passion for nutrition crystallized upon taking Dr. Myra Woodworth-Hobbs’ nutrition classes at Emory University and realizing the importance of food in preventing chronic diseases and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 

At Emory, she served in various leadership roles, such as the President of Emory Questbridge Scholars Network, Vice President at Large for Omicron Delta Kappa, Senior Resident Advisor of Aladobbs, and Vice President of Crochet at Emory. Britney also dedicated her time as an undergraduate mentor for high school students through Emory Pipeline Collaborative and Matriculate. As a native Spanish speaker with her family from Hidalgo, Mexico, she also volunteered as a qualified Spanish medical interpreter at local free clinics. 

Through volunteering in clinics and working as an emergency medicine medical scribe, Britney’s passion for serving low-income communities as a Spanish-speaking physician to eliminate language and cultural barriers has grown. This Fulbright will give her the opportunity to pursue an MSc in Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Reading to equip her with the nutritional knowledge and experience to support better low-income communities burdened with chronic diseases when she returns to the United States to attend medical school. In the UK, she will utilize the research skills she has learned to contribute to a meaningful project.