Brianna Cochran

UCL Entrepreneurship Postgraduate Award, University College London - Entrepreneurship

I grew up in the mountains of northern Georgia but attended school in Atlanta at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I graduated with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and was able to take part in their entrepreneurial program, CREATE-X. I attribute my interest in “innovation” to my second family at Delta’s Innovation Lab, the Hangar. I interned for two years with a group of people that worked incredibly hard to transform an industry that has not only incredibly complex processes, but a huge emotional connection and impact to its customers. I fell in love with human centred design there and began to combine that path with my entrepreneurial desires. During my time at UCL, I will be studying in the retail and consumer pathway, focusing on my personal vision that combines additive manufacturing, fashion, and materials science. I am extremely grateful for the Fulbright scholarship and I can’t wait to make a new home at the local aerial gym to practise my aerial silks, as well as live in one of the top fashion capitals of the world.