Beth Richards

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award - MA Peace and Justice - University of San Diego

Beth Richards graduated from The University of Manchester in 2020 with a BSc. in International Disaster Management and Humanitarian response, after spending many years volunteering across global development projects. The course gave Beth the opportunity to explore migration and humanitarian topics through a theoretical lens, and after receiving an academic excellence award, Beth went on to volunteer as trustee for the Welsh Refugee Council.

In 2021, Beth moved to Malta to join the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), where she worked across a range of projects supporting asylum seekers and refugees worldwide. Having worked for MOAS, Beth saw people’s lives completely uprooted by environmental degradation and climatic instability, and the secondary impacts of disasters, including social unrest.  Beth also volunteered as a mentor at Integra, supporting vulnerable asylum seekers, where she was inspired to dedicate her research to highlight the need for extensive action on climate change and migration.

Through the Fulbright project, Beth seeks to highlight the needs of climate migrants which are currently being neglected through a lack of international recognition. Having previously worked to dismantle harmful narratives around migration, Beth is very accustomed to the power of rhetoric and so is extremely interested in exploring how information can be best communicated to bring about positive change. She is excited for the research opportunities that lie ahead in the US!