Beatrice Dain

Queen's University Belfast Postgraduate Award in Global Security and Borders - Global Security

Beatrice will study at Queen’s University Belfast to earn her MA in Global Security and Borders. As an undergraduate, Beatrice focused on borders, conflict, and migration both in the US and abroad, graduating summa cum laude with a B.S. in International Affairs and Anthropology from Florida State University. She worked south of the US-Mexico border in Guatemala translating archival documents from the Guatemalan civil war and developing educational materials for the Guatemalan Human Rights Ombudsman to better understand past and present reasons for migration to the US. Upon return home, Beatrice conducted missing person reports for families whose loved ones went missing while crossing the US-Mexico border. Her senior thesis took a historical approach to immigration studies, focusing on how the non-profit HIAS used diplomacy to resettle Jewish refugees in Latin America during World War II. At Queen’s, Beatrice hopes to broaden her understanding of borders by observing and analyzing recent UK border changes through a theoretical lens via coursework, a policy lens via border and security experts, and a human lens via citizens who remain testaments to the pain, violence, and reconciliation of the north-south Irish border conflict. In Belfast, Beatrice looks forward to hiking and exploring local bakeries.