Ava Arteaga

Fulbright/University of Leicester Award

Ava Arteaga graduated with Latin Honors, achieving a BA in Communication and Social Influence from Temple University. Ava’s passion for researching addiction in the media stemmed from her personal recovery journey and through her work in addiction treatment facilities, having worked as both a Behavioral Health Technician for inpatient treatment and as a Health Promotion Intern at an LGBTQIA+ center. 
Since 2023, Ava has been participating in a cooperative education program as a Corporate Communication Coordinator with Independence Blue Cross, the leading health insurance company in the Philadelphia region. Part of her role includes creating communications on collegiate recovery in Pennsylvania, a topic Ava works closely with outside of the office. In April 2023, she served as a panel speaker at the Research to Recovery conference to discuss collegiate recovery and the navigation of recovery as a BIPOC student. While at the University of Leicester, Ava aims to investigate digital news media portrayals of drug use/users in the UK. This Fulbright will give her the opportunity to integrate learning from the classroom, laboratory, and community settings to inform interventions to combat stigma and promote more accurate and compassionate representations of those struggling with substance use.  
Outside of the laboratory, Ava volunteers with several nonprofits that serve under-represented groups or health initiatives, whether it’s providing career development resources with the National Urban League, organizing fundraising events for UNICEF, or writing blogs for the American Red Cross. She is excited to expand this work in Leicester, UK.