Athena Hay

Fulbright/University of Strathclyde Award

Athena Hay earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, with a core belief that architecture is inherently a social service. She's committed to creating equitable housing and climate-resilient designs by integrating renewable energies and passive strategies. 
Following her studies, Athena worked as an architectural designer in small Boston firms, specializing in local affordable housing, private residences, and educational facilities. She's drawn to the opportunity to study architecture at the University of Strathclyde in the UK, immersing herself in its robust social work and sustainable design research programs. During her time in Glasgow, Athena plans to explore Scotland's long-established public housing initiatives. 
The Fulbright scholarship not only offers Athena educational resources to advance her architectural expertise but also nurtures a broader global perspective, crucial for her aspirations in service to the greater public. 
Outside of architecture, Athena actively volunteers with various organizations, from voter registration drives, to park clean-ups, to supporting children grieving parental loss. During her time abroad, she intends to continue volunteering with local Glasgow organizations.