Arthur Glasfeld

Durham University Scholar Award, Durham University - Chemistry

Currently, I am the Margret Geselbracht Professor of Chemistry at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Over the past 30 years I have supervised over 100 undergraduates in their senior thesis research and taught broadly across the chemistry curriculum, with a specialization in biochemistry. Since my time as a graduate student, I've been fascinated by nature’s ability to fine-tune molecules to achieve functions with a precision that is difficult to impossible to replicate in the lab. My recent work has looked at the ability of sensor proteins in bacteria to selectively recognize and respond to specific metals (such as iron and manganese) in the cell - an ability that is critical to evading the human immune system. So far, my work has been directed at individual protein molecules. At Durham University, I'm excited to be joining a lab in the Biosciences Department working in a more biologically relevant context to explore how bacteria simultaneously control a variety of metal ion concentrations, using a suite of sensor and trafficking proteins. Outside of the lab, I am an avid rower. I look forward to joining a local masters rowing program and participating in regattas around the UK, while also taking time to explore other outdoor and cultural activities in Northern England and Scotland.