Angelique Szymanek

University of Dundee (Art & Design) Scholar Award, University of Dundee - Art History

Originally from Buffalo, New York, I currently teach modern and contemporary art history courses at Hobart & William Smith Colleges. I received a Ph.D. in Art History from the State University of New York at Binghamton where I began my career-long commitment to studying histories of feminist art and activism. My focus has been artists whose work addresses issues of gendered violence and I intend to expand the current literature on the subject to include the contributions of cultural producers and activists in Scotland. While in residence at the University of Dundee, I will work with the faculty, students, and members of the community to create a living archive of knowledge regarding past and present histories of feminist art and activism both locally and nationally. Throughout my years of research, I have frequently been faced with absences and imbalances regarding recognition of the contributions and innovations of women. Among the many underrepresented regions within European art history, Scotland is one. I look forward to collaborating with newfound colleagues, friends, artists and curators to begin bridging this gap. I will be sharing this experience with my young son, Miles. When I am not working, I will be exploring the food, culture and countryside of the UK with him, especially, as he has requested, "all the castles."