Anekha Sokhal

Fulbright - Elsevier Data Analytics Award - Master of Data Science program - Rice University

Anekha’s passion for solving problems led her to pursue a Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics degree at the University of Warwick. She subsequently joined JP Morgan as their youngest Gas Derivatives Trader where she built and managed the business during the green energy transition, she became hyperaware of the importance of energy flexibility, security, and resilient global supply chains. She developed a data-driven mindset to managing a multi-million-dollar portfolio of financial risk and successfully multiplied trading revenues, expanding both the client base and risk appetite.

Anekha recently launched herself into a new challenge combining the interests that shaped her journey so far - entrepreneurial thinking, data-driven decision-making, strategy consulting and social impact and applying them to transforming a growing jewellery business. Moving from energy to retail, Anekha observed the lack of employment of data analytics and the consequential colossal amount of wastage created through consumer returns. Anekha’s ambition with a master's degree is to contribute to climate change solutions by using big data and AI algorithms to transform the global supply chain logistics for organisations and minimise their environmental impact whilst optimising their finances. Alongside studying, Anekha enjoys being outdoors and plans to travel across the various states in the US. As an avid skier, she is excited to explore the mountains in the US.